My Heather Hills

48 bar Jig

Three men face three women, with lst man - and woman - on the right, 2nd in centre, 3rd on the left: thus partners are diagonally opposite each other.

1-8 1st couple turn by the right hand once and a half (2nd woman moves up and 2nd man down on 3-4), and cast, 1st man round 2nd woman and 1st woman round 2nd man, to finish on 'wrong' sides in
2nd places.

9-12 1st and 2nd couples dance half right and left diagonally.

13-16 1st and 3rd do the same, then

17-20 1st and 2nd couples, bringing 2nd couple back to own sides, and

21-24 1st and 3rd couples. 1st couple finish back to back in the centre, facing first corners, i.e. 3rd couple.
('Polite' turns are used at the end of each half right and left.)

25-32 Hul1o! Goodbye! 1st couple set as in General Stuart's Reel and finish back to back in the centre facing second corners, i.e. 2nd couple.

33-40 1st and 2nd couples dance a complete reel of four diagonally. 1st couple finish passing left shoulders to face second corners again.

41-46 1st couple dance reels of three on the sides, starting by giving right shou1der to second corners.

47-48 1st man crosses to 3rd man's place, while 1st woman crosses to 3rd woman’s place. 3rd couple cast into 2nd place.

Repeat twice more, each time with a new couple leading.

Dance devised by Derek Haynes (Lancaster).
Tune: The Island of Mull (Gow’s 4th Repository, p.10; S.C.D. Book 16, 2nd tune for Todlen Hame).

Copyright, 1966, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.9.