Music: 8 x 32 bar reel.

This dance was composed for a Halloween party where a number of non-dancers were anxious to join in.

4 couples stand in a square set. Each person, although having a partner, is numbered individually from 1 - 8 going clockwise round the set. Each set requires an object in the centre to represent a cauldron containing a stirring stick. This can also be performed in one large circle, still numbered from 1 - 8 but repeating the numbers. This then involves several witches/wizards in the centre.

1 - 8 With 8 skip change of step all dance anticlockwise (widdershins) round the set to places. Finish with hands raised to form arches, except for the 1st "witch".

9 -16 1st "witch" continuing in an anticlockwise direction dances in and out of the arches finishing beside the cauldron. (The number of arches negotiated will depend on the dancer's age, agility, state of sobriety etc.on such an occasion!).

17-24 The 1st "witch" stirs the cauldron whilst the rest dance seven hands round and back.

25-28 The 1st "witch" turns her partner by the left hand ¾ of a turn to her own place.

29-32 All joining hands advance towards the centre, raise hands and let out a blood-curdling shriek. All retire.

Repeat the dance 7 times more, each person taking it in turns to be the witch (or wizard). The even numbers turn their partners by the right hands on bars 25-28 and the odd numbers by the left (if they can remember!)

St Columban Book - Sheila Gradon.