The Gallant Weaver

32 bar Reel

Music: The Gallant Weaver arranged by Peter White, and Here's to the Health (Laggan Burn) (see Dances to Song Tunes for the music).

Figures 1,2,3 for Gallant Weaver

1-8 1st couple set, crossover, giving right hands, cast off one place and cross back, giving left hands, to end facing outwards (2nd couple move up on 5-6).

9-12 2nd and 3rd couples dance right hands across once round, while 1st couple circle counter-clockwise outside them half round (see figure 1).

13-16 1st couple set, approaching, and turn with both hands once round.

17-20 1st man dances down, crosses and casts up round 3rd man's place. 1st woman dances up, crosses and casts off round 2nd woman's place. 2nd and 3rd couples set to opposite corners (see figure 2) and dance to the corner on their right (i.e. 2nd woman to 2nd man's place, 2nd man to 3rd man's place, etc.)

21-24 1st man follows 1st woman's route for bars 17-20 and she follows his. Corners do the same again.

25-28 1st couple dance as in bars 17-20. Corners dance round two corner places to their right. 1st woman passes 3rd man left shoulder and 2nd man and woman right shoulder. 1st man passes 2nd woman left shoulder and 3rd woman and man right shoulder (see figure 3).

29-32 1st couple set, approaching, and turn by the right hand once round, to own sides, 2nd place.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
Dances to Song Tunes. 1966.